A Thought on Rules – What Should I do?

You know how we used to always be told that we should drink so much water per day, but that the tea/coffee we drank shouldn’t be included in that?

A couple of years ago I read a report where scientists said that you could include them as part of your daily water requirement. Still I hear that you need to drink extra water when you have coffee because coffee dehydrates you. It gets confusing after a while. What should you believe?

What’s the best advice to take?

This sort of thing goes around a lot. There are lots of rules and recommendations and guidelines for how we should eat, and behave, and exercise, etc. Every year we hear different diet rules, and these will be found in newspapers, and on websites, and propagated by friends, and experts on TV. Then we all go off and obey the rule of the day. That rule changes and we change, or perhaps over time we get fed up of the rules and changes and don’t know who to trust any more.

What about what I feel myself?

I’m not arguing that any of these ideas are wrong (or right), but the thing is, that with all of this extra information that’s available, we tend to ignore one of our most valuable sources of information, ourselves.

Our own self knowledge and intuition. If I paid less attention to all the rules and advice, and paid more attention to my own body on a day to day basis I might be better off. Perhaps if I notice my thirst levels, and how often I need to pee and keep in mind how much coffee I drink on a particular day I’ll come up with my own best rules.

Who knows best?

We live in a world now where advice and information is more available than ever before, however I believe that you are the best informed to make choices about your own life. Of course, it’s good to collect information and be guided by it, but you make the choice at the end of the day, so don’t ignore your own information (Thoughts / Instincts / Feelings).

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Dream, Believe, Do

Forgive me if I give out for a moment.

Something that tires me even more than work or sickness or lack of sleep is people. People that try to suck the magic from my life. People that try to knock everything. I accept that people have hard days or tough periods in their lives and they get down. Fair enough. I hope things improve for them. They’re not who I’m talking about. Continue reading

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Just for today, accept everything that happens

That old guy driving in front of you…don’t get yourself all het up and annoyed, no matter how late you are.

Just say to yourself – I accept this reality completely.

Your toast falls butter side on the floor. Don’t get annoyed, no matter how hungry you are.

Just say to yourself – I accept this reality completely.

You walk into a door in public (because you’re rushing?)

Just say to yourself – Continue reading

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3 Key Elements to Forming a New Habit

I’ve mentioned before here that my writing makes me feel good and that I enjoy it, yet I have a worry that I might let it go or stop or lose the habit one of these days and give up when I need to stay going.  Often in life I feel like I’m just surviving, going from one day to the next, trying to improve my life and get on to the path I want to be on.

I’m always looking for the key, looking for what was missing in my life but never getting there. I knew I had a story I wanted to write. I’ve had this idea for a book for years but never got down to writing it. As I’ve mentioned before here I started many times and Continue reading

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3 Non Religious Ways that Jesus Inspires Me

Today is Easter Sunday. I hope that what I’m about to write doesn’t put off or offend anyone, because it’s not my intention. These are just my thoughts.

I was brought up in a Catholic family and am aware and conscious of Catholic and Christian feasts and such. Although at this stage of my life I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Religion. I think I do have a belief in God or some sense of God in my life. I’m aware that I can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God so I’m open to all possibilities. Continue reading

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Keep your Fears Close, and your Inspirations Closer

I was thinking about lies and how I lie to myself.

I lie to myself about all sorts of things. I lie to make myself think I want to do things I don’t want to, or to not do things I should want to (maybe that one more so). I’ve noticed that a lot with people around me also. You often know or have an idea when a person is lying to themselves, but can you tell them? I’ve never had success with that anyway. The more people seem to think they know who they are, the more vehemently they’ll hold on to their lies. Continue reading

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A Simple Trick to Banish Your Worries and Fears

Recently I was going to teach a group a course I hadn’t taught before and I was very nervous. I worried about not being knowledgeable enough and making a fool of myself and letting everyone down.

I had a meeting with a man a while back that I look up to but I was afraid he was going to judge me and I was scared and worried for days in advance of the meeting.

I had a call from a private number the other day and I had a sinking scared feeling before I answered it.

Why did I get scared of all these things? Continue reading

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Don’t Judge Yourself for Being Who You Are

I was away from home recently at my sister’s house for my nephew’s communion. I had some wine to drink throughout the day and I found it interesting to note as the day wore on how drink affected different people.

They say drink helps you over your inhibitions. I’m normally quiet and I find it difficult to talk to people. I try to talk, and feel that I should, and I put in the effort, but I’m not Continue reading

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Realise Your True Potential By Letting Go

I’m thinking about potential.

I think I’ve had a bit of an obsession with it for a long time.

I remember science class in school when we first looked at potential energy and it’s many forms. Our teacher held up a piece of chalk and explained that it had potential energy because it would fall if he let it go. The interesting thing about that is he didn’t have to push the chalk to make it move. In it’s ‘up’ position it already had energy, and he just had to let go.

This idea makes me think about my own potential. Is it just a matter of letting go?

It seems to be both our nature and our nurture to think that we always have to push, but what if that’s wrong? What if I don’t have to push? What if I just have to let go to see my potential . Continue reading

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Common Sense vs Spiritual Destiny/Life Purpose, Which is real?

Which one should you follow?

I’ve always been torn between doing what I should do, and doing what I felt I should do.

What I should do:

My ‘common sense’ has always told me I need to get out there and get a job that makes plenty of money. First security, then everything else.

What I felt I should do:

Some other part of me (my gut?) has been telling me there’s something else there for me to do. Something that might not even make sense, but it’s the right thing for me to do, and if I do it, if I commit to it then money won’t be a problem. This is perhaps what you could call my life purpose or my destiny. For me it’s just what fits me best to do. Continue reading

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